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Psoriasis vulgaris | definition of Psoriasis vulgaris by Medical dictionary Psoriasis Vulgaris: An Evidence-Based Guide for Primary Care Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form

Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form

Psoriasis vulgaris is a chronic, sometimes debilitating, Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form disorder with multiple pathways of pathogenesis that can Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form associated with metabolic and cardiovascular disease. This article aims to be a comprehensive, literature-based review of Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form epidemiology, genetic factors, clinical diagnosis, treatments, and pharmacology for psoriasis as derived from articles published in PubMed.

Levels of evidence and recommendations were made according to the strength of recommendation taxonomy. This article is divided into 2 sections: This review serves as a practical, evidence-based, and unbiased guide for primary care practitioners.

It is more common in whites and those who live farther Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form the equator, and it is equally common in men and women. Type 1 psoriasis shows a strong family die Freundin for the disease, demonstrates an association with HLA-CW6, 3 and usually presents before 40 years of age.

The literature published in PubMed from to was searched using the following key words: Abstracts were included only if they were clinically relevant; the articles were downloaded as portable document files. The first author EAK performed the literature search, captured and processed the articles, and Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form the strength of recommendation taxonomy SORT criteria with Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form of Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form 1—3.

Table 1 describes the pathogenesis of psoriasis, and Table 2 lists risk factors and comorbidities that can contribute to the development of moderate or severe psoriasis. The diagnosis of psoriasis can be determined clinically Table 3 and histologically, if needed. Before treatment for psoriasis can be initiated, the grading and severity must be determined Table 4. Choosing the strength of topical steroids and vehicle of administration is important in order to obtain the most benefit with the least potential for side effects.

It is possible to treat the majority of patients if a physician has a good grasp Menschen Psoriasis-Behandlungen the use of just 3 classes of steroids: Steroids should be used with caution on the face, effektive Psoriasis Farb für Shampoo, axilla, and breasts because these Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form are more sensitive to topical steroid penetration and can develop striae.

Atrophy, telangiectasia, and striae 15 are always a concern, especially when topical steroids are used for long periods of time or used on the groin, axilla, or under occlusion. Topical steroid compounds come in various vehicles, which can determine the area of application, level of efficacy, and possible Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form effects.

Lotions are water-based, weakest in strength, and evaporate. Shampoos may be used for psoriasis on the scalp but limited contact Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form limits efficacy, making solutions and sprays more effective for the scalp. Gels are alcohol-based, evaporate quickly, and sting but are equipotent with Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form and solutions. Many patients prefer gels because they are easy to apply and do not stain clothing.

Ointments are petrolatum-based, typically the most potent, and usually Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form not irritate, making them the best option for sensitive skin. Foams contain alcohol and therefore evaporate quickly, which make them appropriate for application in the hair or for patients especially men who prefer this clean type of vehicle. Creams are lipid-based and do not evaporate as quickly but may sting with application.

In general, anything that is not petrolatum-based will almost definitely temporarily burn on the skin that is excoriated or not intact. Most lotions are not true lotions but more along the line of alcohol-based solutions.

Class I superhigh potency topical steroids includes clobetasol propionate, betamethasone dipropionate augmented, and halobetasol propionate. Class VI low potency topical steroids are Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form dipropionate and desonide. Vitamin D analogs inhibit keratinocyte proliferation through increased differentiation of cells and inhibit the accumulation of inflammatory cells. Calcipotriene is also is available combined with betamethasone dipropionate 0. Vitamin D analogs can be applied 2 Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form continue reading ultraviolet UV light therapy, but they should not be applied Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form UV therapy since they are inactivated by UV light.

A Cochrane Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form http://mgv-frohsinn1904.de/xamomamopahu/schuppenflechte-heilt-heiler.php in showed that the compounded vitamin D analog calcipotriene Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form betamethasone dipropionate was more effective for click here treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis than using either drug alone.

The topical calcineurin inhibitors tacrolimus 0. They are applied twice daily Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form mostly used for disease on the face and intertriginous areas, for inverse psoriasis, or used anywhere on the body as a steroid-sparing or maintenance therapy. Using UV light is probably one of the safest and oldest modalities for the treatment of psoriasis. Historically, the combination of dead sea salts, which are rich in anti-inflammatory mediators, with irradiation, called heliotherapy, was and is useful for the treatment of many skin and rheumatic conditions.

Some PCPs who see a large number of dermatologic cases may own a light box or send patients to a hospital-based light therapy center. UV light therapy can be used in combination with certain systemic eg, methotrexate and acitretin and topical medications eg, topical steroids or calcipotriene ; however, timing of the application of topical steroids and tapering the dose of UV therapy to avoid burning are factors to consider.

The Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form consensus is that narrowband UVB light is better than broadband UVB light and is considered first-line treatment for extensive plaque psoriasis, especially if the plaques are thin and the patient is young. Although treatments vary, doses of UV therapy generally are administered 3 times per week for a minimum of 3 months.

Intralesional injections are an effective method to deliver a small amount of corticosteroid to an area Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form psoriasis. In the case of nail psoriasis, injecting the proximal nail fold to target the proximal nail matrix reduces nail inflammation. The decision of whether to use anesthesia depends on the patient; however, Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form the deep Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form nail fold or the nail bed to target subungual hyperkeratosis or onycholysis will require initial anesthesia block.

These procedures are painful for the patient, especially injection of the nail bed. Injections should be limited to no more than 6 to 8 weeks apart and given only if necessary. It is important to note that there are rare circumstances in which oral corticosteroids are prescribed for psoriasis.

In all cases, the benefits should outweigh the risks. Abrupt discontinuation can precipitate an erythrodermic reaction, a flare-up of pustular psoriasis, or simply a significant rebound flare of classic psoriasis. Anthralin is a man-made version of a natural substance found in goa powder, which is from the araroba tree and functions by slowing the growth of keratinocytes. It Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form be used with caution in both children and adults because it can http://mgv-frohsinn1904.de/xamomamopahu/als-abstrich-psoriasis-teer.php contact dermatitis if left on too long or if rubbed in Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form eyes or on the genital area.

Anthralin can be compounded with salicylic acid for stability. Systemic treatments used to treat psoriasis are summarized in Table 5. Before starting a patient on any biologic drug, much needs to be assessed by a history and physical examination, laboratory tests have to be analyzed see Tables Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form and 7and a closer follow-up must be considered. Though mostly well tolerated without significant side effects and because of the extensive follow-up required with their use, many PCPs will use biologics, working in conjunction with dermatologists who are familiar with their use.

Drug allergies and current Medikamente zur Behandlung von Psoriasis dermatological and others should be assessed, looking for Schuppenflechte auf dem Kopf zu entfernen medicines that may Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form immunosuppression or may exacerbate the psoriasis.

For example, reports of hypoglycemia in patients taking etanercept warrant a reduction of antidiabetic dosing and monitoring of glucose logs by PCPs for some of these patients.

Annual inactivated influenza and pneumococcal at least one dose, if necessary 60 vaccines should be given since these biologic drugs can lower the immune system's ability to fight infection. Vaccination for hepatitis A and B also are recommended before beginning a biologic. It usually takes 2 to 6 weeks for the body to produce a significant amount of antibodies after immunization.

Lupus-like symptoms butterfly Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form rash, oral ulcers, etc. While the risk of potential reactivation of VZV is very low when a patient is taking a biologic drug, 65click the risk increases when this patient is also taking oral prednisone for a comorbidity.

Reactivation of VZV can lead to a potentially serious neurological complication, Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form68 and VZV vasculopathies in immunocompromised patients have been described in the literature. The half-life of etanercept is 4 days, that of adalimumab is 10 to 20 days, infliximab is 8 to 9.

Because of the significant cost of biologics, more traditional medications should be tried first, if possible, and biologics used only when those fail or there is a contraindication to oral systemic therapy. This drug should Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form completely avoided in women of childbearing age because it is teratogenic and category X. Although Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form may take 2 months to be eliminated from the body, when alcohol is consumed, eretinate, its metabolite, can have a half-life of up to days.

A careful history Blutegel Psoriasis-Behandlung Bewertungen physical examination is important to identify those at risk for or with a family history of Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form a medicine reconciliation is useful to note potential drug interactions. Monitoring parameters include complete metabolic and Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form panels at baseline, complete blood count with differential, and urinalysis.

Mild Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form in transaminases are rarely seen Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form to 8 weeks after the Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form of acitretin, but these are transient and just require monitoring. Because elevated intracerebral pressure can also be an adverse event with acitretin, concomitant medications that have this adverse reaction eg, tetracyclines are contraindicated.

Finally, because acitretin is a vitamin A derivative, any vitamin A supplementation should be avoided. Skeletal radiograph monitoring is not required. Methotrexate MTX should not be given to anyone planning to consume alcohol or women Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form are pregnant or lactating. Risks versus benefits should be discussed because of possible adverse effects; continuous monitoring is required with this drug.

Before starting a patient on MTX, a complete blood count with differential is required at baseline. This helps establish a baseline to source for any possible MTX-induced pancytopenia. Testing for human immunodeficiency virus, tuberculosis, and hepatitis B and Psoriasis Elokim Bewertungen über is important before starting Ksamiol Psoriasis 49 because it is an immunosuppressive drug.

Not only can MTX induce pancytopenia and hepatotoxcity, it can also cause pulmonary fibrosis. Once a patient is taking MTX, it is important to monitor for leukocytopenia or thrombocytopenia with a complete blood count with differential 7 to 14 days after starting or increasing the dose, every 2 to 4 weeks for the first few months, then every 1 to 3 Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form until stable.

The newest guidelines divide those patients who are at low risk of developing hepatic fibrosis from those who are at highest risk. CsA is not contraindicated during pregnancy or lactation because it is a category C drug; however, it is contraindicated in patients with severe renal function, uncontrolled hypertension, and persistent malignancy.

Before starting a patient on CsA, 2 confirmed normal values for serum creatinine and blood pressure should be documented in addition to complete read article panels, including liver function testing, bilirubin, potassium, Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form urea nitrogen, creatinine, complete blood counts, serum magnesium which may decease while taking CsAuric acid which is relevant for those at risk for goutand fasting serum lipids.

Treating patients for more than 1 to 2 years without nephrology consultation is not recommended because of CsA-associated risk of nephrotoxicity. Psoriasis vulgaris is a chronic and sometimes disfiguring and disabling disease. With the growing population, the decrease in health professionals, and the large number of patients to be seen, it is important that PCPs are equipped with the tools necessary to understand, manage, and Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form treat Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form in a short amount of time.

Dealing with psoriasis as a complex systemic disease benefits both the provider and the patient. In general, topical therapies can be used for mild psoriasis. For moderate to severe psoriasis, a combination of topical and light or topical and systemic oral or biologicals can be used. In these cases, the decision of whether to start oral versus biological therapy may be personal and possibly guided by the patient's finances if the drug is not covered by a patient's insurance. Payment assistance programs such as those provided by the manufacturer for patients taking Enbrel http: Early intervention and a Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form approach, managing all aspects of the patient's care and comorbidities, can be the focus of the PCP dealing with this challenging disease.

Previous Section Next Section. In this window In a new window. Clinical Appearance and Types. Topical Corticosteroids SORT Criteria Recommendation A, Level of Evidence 1 Dosing and Side Effects Choosing the strength of topical steroids and vehicle of administration is important in order to obtain the most benefit with the least potential for side effects. Vehicles Topical steroid compounds come in various vehicles, which can determine the area of application, level of efficacy, and possible side effects.

Classes and Compounds Class I superhigh potency topical steroids includes clobetasol propionate, betamethasone dipropionate augmented, and halobetasol propionate. Intralesional Corticosteroid Triamcinolone Acetonide 2.

The 7 Types of Psoriasis Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form

Schuppenflechte hat viele Gesichter - die einzelnen Psoriasis-Formen lassen sich nach Ausprägung, Aussehen und betroffenen Körperstellen unterscheiden. Die restlichen Psoriasis-Formen treten seltener auf. Eine Sonderform stellt die Psoriasis-Arthritis dar, die die Gelenke befällt. Schuppenflechte http://mgv-frohsinn1904.de/xamomamopahu/dispensary-registrierung-von-psoriasis.php nicht gleich Schuppenflechte - verschiedene Psoriasis-Formen werden nach Ausprägung, betroffener Körperregion und Aussehen unterschieden.

Die gewöhnliche Schuppenflechte Psoriasis vulgaris ist die häufigste Psoriasis-Form und tritt bei 80 bis 90 Prozent der Schuppenflechte-Patienten auf. Auch bei diesen Psoriasis-Formen treten Rötungen und schuppende Plaques auf, die häufig zu schmerzhaften Einrissen in der Haut führen.

Lesen Sie weitere Details unter Betroffene Körperteile. Diese Psoriasis Wie Haare wiederherstellen in gehen mit hell- bis dunkelroten, weichen Hautveränderungen Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form, die wegen der Feuchtigkeit in den Hautfalten meist keine Schuppen bilden.

Die betroffenen Stellen können jucken, schmerzen Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form nässen. Bei Frauen kann die Psoriasis intertriginosa auch unter den Brüsten, bei see more Patienten auch in der Hautfalte am Bauch auftreten. Bis zu 80 Prozent aller Schuppenflechte-Erkrankten leiden unter rötlichen juckenden und stark schuppenden Plaques auf der behaarten Kopfhaut und an der Haargrenze.

Lesen Sie weitere Details unter Psoriasis capitis. Die tröpfchenförmige Schuppenflechte oder Psoriasis guttata Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form, ist die typisch für das erste Auftreten der Schuppenflechte. Diese Psoriasis-Form tritt häufig bei Kindern und Jugendlichen auf. Bei besonders starken Entzündungsprozessen können sich gelblich-eitrige Bläschen bilden. Diese Bläschen, die ohne eine Infektion entstehen, platzen auf oder trocknen ein, wodurch bräunliche Krusten entstehen.

Diese Form der Schuppenflechte wird auch Psoriasis pustulosa genannt. Am häufigsten sind bei der Arthritis psoriatica die Finger- und Zehengelenke betroffen. Die betroffenen Gelenke verdicken sich, schmerzen und werden steif. Bei dieser seltenen Form Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form Schuppenflechte Erythrodermische Psoriasis ist die http://mgv-frohsinn1904.de/xamomamopahu/berichte-ueber-die-behandlung-von-psoriasis-licopid.php Hautoberfläche gerötet und entzündet.

Zusätzlich leiden die Betroffenen unter einem allgemeinen Krankheitsgefühl, Fieber und geschwollenen Lymphknoten Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form den Leisten und Achseln. Die Psoriasis vulgaris Psoriasis Hautuntersuchung mit 80 bis check this out Prozent Vorkommen die häufigste Form der Schuppenflechte und wird auch Plaque-Psoriasis genannt.

Die Psoriasis vulgaris tritt bevorzugt an Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form Körperstellen auf. Man unterscheidet verschiedene Unterformen, je nachdem wo die Plaques auftreten und wie die Erkrankung verläuft.

Sie kann Gelenke zerstören und deformieren. Bei etwa zehn Prozent beginnt die Erkrankung ohne die typischen Und Zitronensaft Psoriasis, was die Diagnostik erschwert.

Psoriasis pustulosa ist durch sterile Eiterbläschen gekennzeichnet, die sich auf den Schuppenflechte-Herden bilden. Rund fünf Prozent aller Psoriasis-Patienten leiden an dieser Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Schuppenflechte-Formen kann bei der Psoriasis pustulosa in vielen Fällen keine genetische Veranlagung als Ursache nachgewiesen werden. Die Psoriasis guttata ist eine seltene Sonderform der Schuppenflechte, an der vor allem Kinder und Jugendliche erkranken.

Der Körper ist übersäht mit kleinen, roten Punkten, die schuppen. Häufig stecken bakterielle Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form dahinter: Sind sie geheilt, verschwindet in vielen Fällen auch die Psoriasis guttata wieder. Sie Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form aber auch chronisch verlaufen.

In vielen Fällen bilden sich keine Schuppen, was die Diagnose erschwert. Ist der Intimbereich betroffen, leiden Patienten besonders stark. Eine Nagelpsoriasis tritt bei etwa jedem zweiten Schuppenflechte-Patienten auf. Im Verlauf der Erkrankung können Finger- und Zehennägel zerstört werden. Viele Betroffene leiden auch Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form Gelenkentzündungen.

Auch schwere Formen der Nagelpsoriasis können mittlerweile Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form Biologika wirksam therapiert werden - allerdings erfordert die langwierige Behandlung von den Betroffenen viel Geduld. Die weit verbreitete Erkrankung kann an allen Körperstellen auftauchen. Je nach Lokalisation werden unterschiedliche Beschwerden hervorgerufen - auch die Behandlung variiert. Schuppen, Juckreiz und sichtbare Rötungen belasten die Betroffenen.

Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form und gesund mit Julius. Der Ratgeber für gesunde und schmackhafte Ernährung, Bewegung und Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form. Psoriasis-Formen im Überblick Schuppenflechte hat viele Gesichter Psoriasis vulgaris allgemeinste Form die einzelnen Psoriasis-Formen lassen sich nach Ausprägung, Aussehen und betroffenen Körperstellen unterscheiden.

Lesen Sie weitere Details unter Psoriasis inversa. Lesen Sie weitere Details unter Psoriasis guttata. Schuppenflechte mit eitrigen Bläschen. Lesen Sie weitere Details unter Psoriasis visit web page. Schuppenflechte des gesamten Körpers. Die Schuppenflechte mit den kleinen Bläschen Psoriasis pustulosa ist durch sterile Source gekennzeichnet, die sich auf den Schuppenflechte-Herden bilden.

Wenn Schuppenflechte die Nägel befällt Eine Nagelpsoriasis tritt bei etwa jedem zweiten Schuppenflechte-Patienten auf. Welche Formen der Psoriasis gibt es? Wie erkennt man sie? Sampogna, B et al.: Prevalence of symptoms experienced by patients with different clinical types of psoriasis.

Psoriasis palmaris et plantaris.


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